I’m Niamh, a self-confessed beauty junkie who’s obsessed with all things pretty. For years I lusted after must-have products, despite not knowing what to do with most of them. I finally trained as a makeup artist with Eyrebrushed Makeup Studios in Kilkenny, where I now work as an Assistant MUA. Expect to find product reviews, tips and tricks, and – eventually! – tutorials. I love the transformative power of makeup; there is nothing better then seeing a woman who can hardly meet her own eyes in the mirror walk out the door with her head held high, full of confidence after a makeover. Sure, makeup and skincare aren’t the most important things in the world, but they’re a good place to start!

Contact me:

Email – niamhy_dee@yahoo.com

Twitter – @niamhy_dee

Instagram – niamhydee


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